What is Hadal?

Smart Contract is the core engine of Hadal

Hadal is a decentralized digital vault designed to solve the problem of data breaches and unauthorized access to confidential data.

It employs smart contracts and cryptography to create, transfer, and read data, which is fully encrypted and inaccessible to anyone except the owner. Hadal provides a zero-trust policy, allowing companies to store their confidential data securely and cost-effectively, without having to rely on third-party services that may compromise their security.

Secure Encryption

The impenetrable fortress of data security.

Hadal utilizes advanced cryptography and smart contract to ensure the highest level of data security.

Smart Contracts

Transforming data management with precision and automation.

By leveraging these contracts, our platform enables secure, automated, and transparent data management, minimizing the risk of human error and facilitating efficient data flow.

Zero-Trust Policy

Unwavering security, every step of the way.

Hadal's zero trust policy ensures that every interaction, request, and data access is carefully authenticated and authorized, providing maximum protection against data breaches and unauthorized access.

Use Cases and Industries

Where can Hadal be applied?

Hadal's platform is designed to provide a wide range of solutions for businesses across various industries.


Healthcare Protected Patient Data

Hadal protects patient data for healthcare organizations, ensuring compliance with regulations. From EHRs to monitoring systems, our platform provides a powerful security tool.


Finance & BankingSecure Finance Solution

Hadal secures financial transactions and data. Trust us for advanced encryption and zero-trust architecture to protect your sensitive information, from online banking to cryptocurrency exchanges.


Legal & Intellectual Property Legal Data Protection

Hadal's platform secures legal and intellectual property data with advanced encryption and zero-trust architecture. Protecting contracts to patent applications.

Decentralized Data Security

Introducing the cross Blockchain data-splitting technology

Cross-Blockchain Security: How Hadal Protects Your Data with Decentralization


    Best in class modular engine for every business.

  • Splitting:

    Hadal splits data into random parts.

  • Encryption

    Each piece is separately encrypted on different blockchains.

  • Distribution

    Encrypted data pieces are distributed across different blockchains.

  • Cross-Blockchain Security

    Hadal's cross-blockchain feature ensures data remains secure.

Product Timeline

Road Map

Our team is working hard to deliver the product; Roadmap will be decided by the community once we turned to DAO.

2022 Q1 Concept
  • Creating the concept
  • Core team formation.
2022 Q2 Research
  • Development started
  • Infrastructure started
2022 Q3 MVP
  • MVP launched
  • First client negotiation
2022 Q4 Healthcare ind
  • Healthcare client deployed
  • Self-service platform development started
2023 Q1 Self-service platform
  • Platform Launch
  • EMR Integration
2023 Q2 Legal & Intellectual Property
  • Legal Document Storage
  • Legal Document Sharing
2022 Q3 & Q4 Finance & Banking
  • Crypto Wallet Protector
  • Compliance
2024 Self-Service Platform
  • All Industry Self-service platform

Executive team

The core team used to work on a startup which led to acquisition by an e-commerce giant at the end.

Ali Jafari
Co-Founder & Product Manager
Majid Lashgarian
Co-Founder & CTO
Masoud Khosravi
Co-Founder & BD
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