HADAL is working to create the best search experience on the web.

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Filters: Remove whole categories of web pages from your results
- #NoFilter - Displays all results.
- No News Sites - Removes hundreds of news websites.
- No Social Media - Removes dozens of social media sites.
- Founder's Filter - The personal filter of HADAL founder Evans Hedges. This filter removes most news and social media sites, and dozens of other low quality sites.

!redirect: Search "!y cat videos" and immediately get re-directed to youtube searching for "cat videos"
We currently support the following !redirects:
- !arx -> arxiv.org
- !wa -> Wolfram Alpha
- !so -> Stack Overflow
- !y -> Youtube
- !a -> Amazon
- !ddg -> DuckDuckGo
- !g -> Google
- !gs -> Google Scholar
- !gi -> Google Images
- !w -> Wikipedia
- !sa -> SeekingAlpha
- !gt -> Google Translate (detect language -> English)
- !ma -> search.marginalia.nu
Request more redirects by sending a message to support@hadal.io

Questions? Feature Requests? Feedback?
Contact us at: support@hadal.io

Coming Soon:
Custom filters

The Team
Evans Hedges, Founder of Hadal, Ltd.
Evans is currently a Mathematics PhD student at the University of Denver.

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